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 Basic service fee's and hourly labor price list.

Here is where you will find a comprehensive Price List of just some of our services, to include different devices that can be repaired and their current prices.

Basic Services
Now offering free diagnostics!!!*

Base Fees do not include hours of labor.


Diagnostics................................... $Free*

Basic Cleanup/Virus Removal.... $65.00

Deep Cleaning..w/Defrag...........  $85.00

Data Backup................................. $55.00

Date Transfer............................... $45.00

Data Recovery......... starting at $100.00

Housecalls (residential).............. $35.00

Housecalls (commercial)............ $45.00

Operating System Recovery....... $50.00

OS HD Format and Reinstall....... $80.00

Password Recovery...................... $85.00

Recovery/Repair Discs................  $28.00


Video Game Console Repair....$80-$100 plus price of our parts. please see our Parts section to the right for warranty information per our repair policy.

Labor Charges

Standard labor fees per hour........... $35.00

Labor fees for Neworking................. $75.00

Labor Charges for custom builds and computer mods per hour.................. $45.00


Our researchers are standing by to find the right part for your smartphone, tablets, laptops, and PC's. We will not be undersold. 

Note: If providing your own parts we will up-charge labor by 20%, this is because there's no telling where your parts come from, and we cannot provide any kind of warranty or guaranty that the device will work after repaired properly. With our parts, we will provide a full 90 day warranty and will take care of any issues cause by failed parts on our end. You will get replacement parts and your device will be re-repaired at no charge to you. Because we believe in being fair to our customers. 

*Free Diagnostics Always!
Only if getting PC or Device repaired by us... Otherwise diagnostics start at $25 depending on how deep we have to dig to figure out the issues.. additional hours of labor will be applied if some devices take longer to diagnose or need to be taken fully apart in order to figure out the true issue with the device/s. 
If devices that are diagnosed as non-repairable, or if our repair price quote is out of your budget for the particular device needing repair, then you will be responsible for the proper diagnostics fee including any additional labor. 


Our technicians strive very hard to properly diagnose the devices brought to us. And if we cannot fix it, we know who can, and will offer outside 3rd party resources and prices to match the diagnosed issues.


We want to help in any way possible, but we still need to be paid for the assistance we provide. We thank you for understanding this policy. 

Phone Repairs

UPDATE 6/25/17 All iPhone Repairs Prices have gone to flat rates per type of iPhone to include parts and a 90 day parts replacement warranty and a free Tempered Glass screen protector! You get a lot for your money, plus the best possible and experienced repair quality in the area! See iPhone Repairs Tab For Details and Prices! 

UPDATE 5/4/17 All iPhone Repairs Prices are going to flat rates per phone to include parts and 90 day warranty!

(new pricing coming soon or see in store for details!)

iPhone and iPad device disclaimer:

 If you bring us an iPad or iPhone with a broken screen. There's no telling what else might have gone wrong during the time it was broken. We replace the display assemblies only, or some other minor parts as needed, but we will not be held responsible for any malfunctions after repair of the screen only repairs. We will however test the devices out to the extent of our knowledge and try to give you back a fully functioning device. But if some part of the device does not work after a screen only repair, and you do not disclose to us of any other known troubles with the device. We will again, not be held responsible. We make repairs to the best of our ability, but sometimes these quirky devices might take on other malfunctions after repair, or that may have been there before we did the repair. But we will attempt to re-fix any known issues after repair, but for an hourly rate. There just have been too many things that can go wrong with iPhones and iPads to even mention here. So it is in your best interest to disclose how exactly the device was broken so that we can best decide which kind of repair may be needed. We also back up our work with a 90 day manufacturer's warranty on all parts. Thank you for your understanding on this matter. 

Further Disclaimers and what you sign for when dropping off your devices for repair (aka: the fine print)

B-Squared Computer Repair LLC reserves the right to perform system and device diagnosis on it's own terms. They will do everything in their power

to prevent any accidental damage to devices being repaired. Hourly wages and Service Fees will be applied as necessary after consulting customer

about any questions they may have about company policies, precedures, or repair services.

By leaving device (Computer, Tablet, Phone, or any other device) you, the customer, agrees not to hold B-Squared liable for any previous damage

to said device. If or when damage is either assessed to be previous, future prevention tips will be given and repair will be handled in a strictly

professional manner.

If damage is caused by a B-Squared Technician we will do whatever it takes to make it right and any discounts on parts will be reflected on customers

final invoice.

As of 1 June 16, B-Squared will collect prepayment for any parts needed to complete your repair. This prepayment for parts is non-refundable.

We applogize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

B-Squared will not try to upsell anyone on any products or services without getting verbal or written permission from customers first. Once a quote is

established keep in mind that hourly labor charges may be applied to any customers repair job, but will make every attempt to get customers consent

and understanding first before performing any repair maintenance or service.

Some items may have to be shipped out for custom repair jobs that are not covered by B-Squared but to partner companies that are capable of

handling some items that we cannot here at B-Squared. Arrangements will be made with customer prior to any form of shipping or mailing of

items in question.

If device is not picked up by customer within 30 days of being informed of completion (to include having left a verbal message on an answering

machine or service such as voicemail) they will forfeit their device to be used by B-Squared to recoup and compensate for the loss of time and hours

spent repairing or servicing customers items or devices. Please be assured we will call or try to contact you throughout the repair process with

updates (time permitting) and will make contact as soon as repairs are complete.

As always we thank you for your continued patronage with us here at B-Squared Computer Repair LLC.

We promise to do our best to take really good care of your systems, devices, and other electronic items to the best of our ability.

You are in good hands.

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